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The case for automated testing

For the purposes of this post, unit tests, will be analogous to any automated testing system. Whether unit tests, integration tests, or any other means of having computers run reliable tests to verify that code is doing what it is intended to do. When I was first introduced to the idea of automated, unit style, testing, I got it right away. It was one of those, "of course, why didn't I think of that" moments. It seemed like such an obvious improvement to me that it has been hard for me to understand why everyone isn't doing it, and doing it all the time. Since I have learned about unit testing, I have focused my learning and growth toward understanding how and where to use unit tests and how to make my code work better with unit tests. In that time I have improved my code and myself as a developer. I have also heard some arguments as to why everyone isn't always developing software with unit tests. For a large application that has been developed over many year

Nebraska Code Camp 2014

I attended the Nebraska Code Camp this weekend and wanted to share some thoughts on the sessions I was able to sit in on. Iris Classon started the day with her keynote speech and I really enjoyed the keynote.  The speech was not technical, but instead focused on her life story and her passion for technology and developing software.  She is a very good speaker and was entertaining with her story telling.  I was energized and motivated after hearing her talk and really excited to learn more throughout the day to increase my passion for becoming a better developer. The first session of the day I listened to was Cory House , Becoming an Outlier: Rebooting the Developer Mind .  Cory is a fantastic speaker, he was always entertaining while also providing great information in his talks.  This session will soon be a course on pluralsight.  I will be watching that course when it becomes available.  This session followed up very nicely with Iris' keynote, it further emphasized that fol