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How is your team staying DRY

DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) is one of the basic fundamentals that developers are taught. If you find repeated code throughout your project you should move that code it into a method that can be the one spot that that code will exist. This reduces complexity and reduces the likelihood of bugs because the code is only in one place. When I am presented with a new problem, I almost always immediately think of how I would solve that problem. What can I do, starting from scratch to solving the issue? DRY should also apply to new code that you write, others have likely solved the problem you face, perhaps even with your team. Many times the problem has already been solved or a pattern has been established that will assist in solving the problem.  If you can use an existing piece of code you will save time and effort completing your task and be able to spend more time and effort on something else. To keep myself and my team as efficient as possible, I need to first find out if someo