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Innovation Friday

Google famously had the concept that their employees could use 20% of their time to work on anything they wanted. This was meant to give their developers time to experiment and try out new ideas that they wouldn't have otherwise had time for. Sometimes these ideas turned into products and most of the time it didn't, but I bet their employees were always learning something that made them better and benefited the company as a whole. Most companies are probably not likely to want to "give up" 20% of their employees' time in this same way. My company generally has an all developer meeting on the 1st Friday of the Month. We get caught up with different projects and a look into what is coming up. We also have a Developer User Group where we will internally have a speaker from one of our teams showcase something they have been working on or something new they learned about. My thought is to combine all of those ideas into what I call "Innovation Frida