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This tweet by Kent Beck explains perfectly why I use TDD. what if the problem with TDD is that it is adapted to address a level of anxiety most people just don't experience? — Kent Beck (@KentBeck) November 19, 2015 When I was first introduced to TDD and Unit Testing, I was blown away by the fact that I had never thought of writing code to test my other code. I would write code and run the entire application to see if the changes I made worked correctly. I would test the happy path and then pass it on to QA for more verification. I knew that I didn't find all of the bugs in the code, but I also wasn't sure what more I could do to find them. I hated when I got bugs back from QA and worse when the customer found a bug. I have the anxiety Kent is talking about. It was pretty stressful to deal with this anxiety as I wrote code not knowing how I was going to mess up this time. I would fix something only to introduce a new issue or cause a previously fixed problem to re