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HDC 2016 Keynotes

I really enjoyed attending the 2016 version of the Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) . I want to share some of the things that I took away from the conference this year. The biggest highlights for me were the 2 keynotes on day 1 of the conference. Tarah Wheeler kicked off the show with a great talk that focused on mentoring. Jeremy Clark finished the day off with a complimentary talk about how to be more social and interact with fellow developers at events like HDC. Tarah Wheeler's Keynote From Tarah's speech I gained a lot of encouragement to go forward and work to help mentor others in the community. She has found that when she gives to others that it has opened doors for her in the future. Even just giving someone encouragement can build a relationship that benefits everyone involved. Mentoring doesn't require you to know everything and not even a lot more than the person you are mentoring. Knowing just 1 more thing than your mentee still provides them with know

Double Back Development

Have you been stuck on a problem at the end of the day only to think about it all night? Then when you start work the next day, you are able to solve the problem quickly. I think I may found a reason that happens. I got this idea from listening to this TED talk: Can Slowing Down Help You Be More Creative? In this talk, Adam Grant discusses how procrastinating can lead to more original and creative ideas. He found that there is a curve for creative ideas. People that get things done as soon as possible and those that get things done at the last possible moment tend to produce the least creative work. However, someone that puts things off a little is allowed to let new ideas form and still has time to actually implement them. One of my biggest takeaways was the idea of, “Quick to start, slow to finish”. To cultivate creativity, you want to start a project off as soon as possible, but then set it aside and leave it alone for a while. With this in mind, I am suggesting a different