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My idea for Hearthstone to add more deck slots

Recently someone asked the Blizzard developers for more slots for decks in the game Hearthstone. The response was that they are talking about it and looking into it, but no decision has been made yet. One of the concerns over adding deck slots is that it could complicate the UI for Hearthstone and make it more difficult for new players to understand. I have what I think would be a good solution to add more deck slots without increasing the learning curve for the game much if at all.

First I would take a look at the current selection screen for starting to play a game. It defaults to showing the decks that are custom built by the player if they have any custom decks, and there is an option to page over to the basic decks. This basic deck screen is perfect for how I would change this process.

Instead of having 2 pages of decks, 1 for basic and 1 for custom, you would just see the select a Hero screen. Then once you selected the Hero you wanted, you would see all of the decks that have been built for that hero. It would include the basic deck in the top corner, so even if a new player has never built a custom deck they would see the basic deck option. Then any custom decks would show up just like the current custom deck page except they would be limited to the chosen Hero.
I think this would work just as well as the current UI, if not actually be a little easier because you would know exactly which hero you were picking and then have your choice of deck on the next screen. This solution would allow for 8 custom decks per Hero. I am sure there would still be some number of people that would not find this to be enough, but it should satisfy almost everyone. It would allow players to keep more random fun decks around and encourage experimenting with different styles of play.

How would players navigate the UI to create all of these extra new custom decks? Again I would just take what already exists in the game and expand it out a little. Instead of the sidebar showing you the custom decks that you already have built, you would see an entry for each Hero.

The player would choose the hero they wanted to make a deck for and then see all of the existing custom decks.
Here they could also show the Basic deck so that the player could look at what that deck looks like. It might even be useful for new players to get an idea of what a well rounded deck would look like. I do think this would add a small level of complexity over the current UI because the player would not immediately see their decks, but I don't think that it would be so complex as to not be able to figure out where the decks were.


  1. Idea is awesome. when you'll install it?

    1. Nothing I can do to make this a reality. From the news recently, the Hearthstone team went a different direction and will be adding another page of deck slots.

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